Them: Rags, a 19.5 Year Old Seal Mitted Ragdoll Cat | Ragdoll.

I am holding Rags. My older brother, Marsh, is holding Cosby and Snickers is the GSD. Rags and his half brother, Cosby, were “replacements” for my very first.

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1 Re: Oh My God Im Getting Older and So Is My Mom

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2 Re: Oh My God Im Getting Older and So Is My Mom

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3 Re: Oh My God Im Getting Older and So Is My Mom

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4 Re: Oh My God Im Getting Older and So Is My Mom

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5 Re: Oh My God Im Getting Older and So Is My Mom

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6 Re: Oh My God Im Getting Older and So Is My Mom

Bupes, and Subs, and Surgery, Oh My | Dr. Jeffrey Fudin So sorry to hear this I fully believe that you were treated terrible.As a nurse I don’t harbor the disgust so many of my colleagues do when dealing with.

7 Re: Oh My God Im Getting Older and So Is My Mom

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8 Re: Oh My God Im Getting Older and So Is My Mom

My 92 year old mother has Alzheimer’s and I pray she will die. Dear Readers: This Blog Post Was First Published in 2013 When My Mother Was in the Latter Stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Mom Died in November 2013. I am not a.